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Awards and Scholarships

University of Jaffna's growing reputation is reflected in the increasing number of generous scholarships and awards donated to the University. Thanks to parents of UOJ's students, graduates, faculty and their family, well wishers, corporations and organizations, UOJ's endowment fund has increased tremendously in the past decade. This means that more scholarships than ever are available to deserving students. In addition to a wide range of donor awards, entrance scholarships (Mahapola Scholorships) recognize the excellence of incoming (first-year) students. Finally, there is a variety of bursaries available for qualified students who need financial help.

Scholarship/Award Donor


Meenakshi Eliyathamby Endowment for blind students Mr. E.Nadarajah

Sawasangeetha award for Music Sri Lanka Foundation

Endowed Scholarship (UGC) University Grants Commission

Orphan Trust fund Tamil Orphan Trust, U.K.

Sabalingam Memorial Award for All-round Sports Woman Mr. E.Canagalingam

Sornammah Chelliah Scholarship for the Tamil Dr. R.S.Thanabalasundaram

Faculty of Arts

Sir Arunachalam Mahadeva Memorial Scholarship for Economics Mrs. B. Mahadeva

Kalathevy Vithianathan Memorial Prize for Tamil Professor S. Vithianathan

Dr.Ananda K.Coomaraswamy Scholarship for Hindu Civilization Dr.P. Coomaraswamy

Dr.C.Sinnadurai Award for best all-round performance in the final year examination of the Faculty of Arts Dr.C.Sinnadurai

S. Sriskandarajah Memorial Award for best student in Arts Students and colleagues of the late Mr. S. Sriskandarajah

Jeevaratnam Memorial Prize for Highest Average marks in honours degree course in Commerce & Management Studies Final year commerce students (1987)

Sivagamy Murugesar Memorial Scholarship for Geography Mrs. M.Nadarajah

Pulavarmani Periyathambipilli Memorial Prize for Tamil Pulavarmani Periyathambipilli Memorial Society

Chellammah Rajendram Scholarship for Tamil Maharajah Trust

Nagulambihai Mahadeva Scholarship for Hindu Civilization Maharajah Trust

Thillainayagi Kanagasabapathy Scholarship for Economics Mr. Eliathamby Kanagasabapathy

Handy Perinpanayagam Memorial Scholarship for Arts Handy Perinpanayagam Commemoration Society

Ratnasaapathy Muttusamy Memorial Prize for Business Administration Mr. M.Shanmuganathan

Alvappillai Sivakkolujnthu Rasammah Memorial Award for Tamil Mr. A.C.Murugupillai

Alvappillai Sivakkolujnthu Rasammah Memorial Award for Hindu Civilization Mr. A.C.Murugupillai

Professor Kanagasabapathy Kaiasapathy Memorial award for Tamil Mr. E. Kanagasabapathy

Brahmasri Sitarama Sastrikal Memorial Prize for Sanskrit Students and well-wishers of Brahmasri Sitarama Sastrikal

Faculty of Medicine

St. George Memorial Gold Medal for Obstetrics and Gynacology Dr. John St. George

Dr. Vaithianathan Nadarajah Memorial Prize for best performance in the final MBBS Examination Mrs. S.Nadarajah

Dr. S.Subramaniam Memorial Gold Medal for Surgery Dr. & Mrs. M.Ramachandran

Dr.S.Ramanathan Gold Medal for Medicine Mrs.T.Ratnasabapathy

Dr. V.T.Pasupathi Gold Medal for Paediatrics The Children of the late Dr. V.T.Pasupathi

Dr.C.Sinnadurai Award for Medicine Senator Tan Sri Datuk Dr. C.Sinnadurai

Malayan Ceylonese Bursary for Medicine Malayan Ceylon Association

Subramaniam Mahadeva Scholarship for the best performance in Second MBBS Maharajah Trust

Charles Kanagasuntharam Gold Medal for Physiology Professor A.J.Wilson

Sinnathamby Rajendram Scholarship for the best student admitted to the Faculty of Medicine Maharajah Trust

Faculty of Science

Gold Medal for Botany Professor K.Theivendrarajah

Mootatmby Swaminathan Scholarship for Botany Mrs. L.Swaminathan

Sir Arunachalam Mahadeva Memorial Prize for Mathematics Mrs. B. Mahadeva

Sir Arunachalam Mahadeva Memorial Prize for Physics Mrs. B. Mahadeva

Sir Arunachalam Mahadeva Memorial Prize for Chemistry Mrs. B. Mahadeva

Kanagasabapathy Memorial Prize for General Science The friends and colleagues of the late Professor P.Kanagasabapathy

Sir Sangarapillai Pararahasingam Scholarship for Zoology Mrs. L.Swaminathan

Edmund J.Cooray Memorial Scholarship for Chemistry M/s Browns Group of Company

Handy Perinpanayagam Memorial Prize for best Science Students Handy Perinpanayagam Commemoration Society

M.Varatharajah Memorial Prize for Chemistry Mr. Mudaliyar V.Mahesan J.P.

Sabalingam Memorial Award for the best performance in Physical Science Mr. E Canagalingam

Sabalingam Memorial Award for the best performance in Biological Science Mr. E Canagalingam

Ratnanathar Memorial Prize for Chemistry Dr. S. Anandarajah

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