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Department of Mathamatics and Statistics

The mathematics and statistics program is balanced between pure mathematics and applied mathematics and statistics. In pure mathematics, courses are offered in the broad areas of analysis, geometry and algebra. In applied mathematics, courses are principally in statistics and operations research. The department offers honors and general BSc programs. Several combined-major programs are available for students interested in studying mathematics and another discipline or specialization.


  • S.Ambikumar, Lecturer (on leave)
  • A.K.Antonipillai, Lecturer (on leave)
  • S.Anthonirajah, Lecturer (on leave)
  • Z.T.Hoole, Lecturer
  • S.Janarthanan, Lecturer (on leave)
  • T.Kathiravertpillai, Lecturer
  • P.Makinan, Senior Lecturer
  • R.Muhunthan, Lecturer
  • P.Paramanathan, Lecturer (on leave)
  • J.Rajeswaran, Lecturer
  • N.Ramesh, Lecturer (on leave)
  • R.Sekeran, Lecturer (on leave)
  • M.Skantharajah, Senior Lecturer
  • S.Srisatkunarajah, Senior Lecturer
  • V.Tharmaratnam, Senior Professor and Head
  • S.Velummylum, Lecturer (on leave)
  • S.Yogarajah, Senior Lecturer

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